Confirmation of dominance or an opportunity for revenge.. Who will win the bone-breaking battle between Real Madrid and Liverpool?
Here is Real Madrid and Liverpool meeting again, in a repetition of the Kyiv 2018 final, in which Madridista won 3-1; The match witnessed adverse conditions that helped the riyal and topple the reds, such as the injury of Mohamed Salah at the beginning of the match, as well as goalkeeper mistakes, which helped the riyal score two goals from nothing.

But in the next Paris final, the situation will be different. The two teams have enough to play a great match and make any mistakes disappear, especially from Liverpool, which has one of the best goalkeepers in the world at present, and a very strong offensive line, whether basic or reserve.

How did the two teams qualify?
Real Madrid and Manchester City
Although Guardiola is an example and a model for any coach who wishes to follow his philosophy in training, his mistakes continue, and his unsuccessful decisions waste him in crucial matches, the most prominent of which was the change of Fernandinho.

On the other hand, Camavinga’s change created the superiority for Real because the reason for City’s strength was the City’s opening of the stadium crosswise with Riyad in the right and Jesus in the left and opening five attack paths, and therefore Real was not able to defend against them, due to the poor defense of Real Madrid individually and collectively, and the presence of Modric and Kroos and the difficulty of imposing High pressure pitch width horizontally and vertically; Because City relied on building playing from the back to withdraw the riyal and open the five attack paths, which it succeeded in and the riyal failed to close.

But with the change of Fernandinho and Grellerich, the team pulled the team back and deep, and thus allowed the Real defense to open the field and blockade City, and gave them great comfort, and with the presence of Camavinga, the possession of the entire field increased with Valverde, who was more active and dynamic than Modric and Kroos, where the presence of Valverde and Camavinga allowed the two full-backs to be freed And the wings in the riyal, which led to the siege of the city and increased offensive pressure.

The second reason was the brilliance and great success of the two most important elements in the team; Courtois and Benzema in saves, scoring and assisting in scoring.

The third reason is the great confidence and heroic personality of the entire team, bringing them back to the match at the right times after everyone thinks the team has collapsed.

The fourth and most important reason is the physical factor. Everyone praises the physical equipment and the load scheme in Real because of the physical stock of the team, but in my opinion, I see that the physical superiority is due to Ancelotti’s playing style because he uses an energy-saving method such as electronic car racing games or long-distance running races.

The riyal plays in a calm manner, receives the game and provides its energy and effort after the 60th minute of each match, and here the flood or frenzy begins on the opponents, especially with the arrival of young elements that increase the ferocity and physical efficiency of the offensive team.

Liverpool and Villarreal
The result of the first leg match, and Liverpool’s two clean goals, was a major reason for the start of the return match in a state of inaction for Liverpool and its reassurance of the result. On the other hand, the Villarreal players’ desire to return was great, and the result was tied with the first leg through high pressure and depriving Liverpool of the ball with public pressure and scoring an early goal The team managed to equalize the score at the end of the first half.

But the tactical and tactical superiority came from Klopp and Unai Emery’s mistake in changing the way of playing and the way his defense was organized to 4-4-2, and with a strong bench, especially Luis Diaz, and the errors of the defense and Villarreal goalkeeper gave Liverpool the opportunity to return to the match through Fabinho’s goal, And here came the complete supremacy of the Reds, and the collapse of Villarreal, as it was difficult for the team to match Liverpool with the same physical and tactical approach throughout the match.

Ancelotti and Klopp experience finals and tournaments
Ancelotti enters the match for his fourth title after three previous titles with Milan in 2003 against Juventus at Old Trafford, then with Milan in 2007 against Liverpool in Athens, and with Real against Atletico Madrid in 2014 in Benfica.

But Klopp has only one title in 2019 against Tottenham at Atletico Madrid.

Strengths and weaknesses of the two teams
Offensively, the two teams have a very strong attack, but the Liverpool attack is characterized by decentralization and the importance of all elements of its attack in making and ending attacks, unlike Real, which depends on Benzema as an essential element in building play and helping and ending attacks.

Defensively, when the ball is lost, the riyal excels in closing the passing spaces, pressing the ball carrier and blocking in front of the goal; Therefore, Liverpool rely on directing play and high pressure.

The physical factor will play a very important role, and Real’s end of his season locally by winning the league title will give Ancelotti an opportunity to rest his basic elements, unlike Klopp, who will play with all his players in the hope of continuing his competition for the English Premier League title, as well as the FA Cup final against Chelsea.
In the end, with the winning ratios close between the two teams, this match remains a bone-breaking battle. Whoever excels in attack and defense, commits fewer mistakes and takes advantage of the surrounding circumstances will be a European champion.
Why does Real Madrid succeed in the Champions League and leave Barcelona with “scandals”?

Barcelona and luck .. Why was Roman angry at Di Matteo?
After Chelsea won the Champions League in 2012, the Daily Star obtained, from reliable sources, information that Roman Abramovich, the club’s owner, intends to dismiss team coach Roberto Di Matteo.

The day after the team got its first star in the Champions League, Roman was completely angry with the way his club played, and the way they won the title!

Roman was not so concerned with public opinion, in his eyes, that Roberto was a very lucky person to win such a title.

On the twenty-fourth of April in the same year, Chelsea and Barcelona faced each other in the semi-finals of the tournament, and Barcelona shot back and forth a total of 47 shots, compared to only 11 for Chelsea, 18 corner kicks in favor of Barcelona, ​​compared to only 2 for Chelsea, possession 80% Barcelona 20% Chelsea, and the confrontation ended with Chelsea winning 3-2 on aggregate.

How does remontada happen sometimes, and how does it not happen?
In the famous Barcelona-Paris Saint-Germain match in 2017, according to Miguel Delaney, the British Independent journalist, the Paris Saint-Germain dressing room was in a state of shock during both halves of the match, it was in a state of silence and fear, the players looking around the room without any reaction.

And this is the dividing factor, between Barcelona’s remontada against Paris, and every remontada that happened to Barcelona against any team, whether big or small.

In the principle of never say die attitude Jürgen Klopp said that even if you are losing with a goal to nothing, you must plant in the minds of your players the idea that things are not over yet.

But he also stressed the need to bring up this aspect among them, when things get tough every time, and on a frequent basis.

Alisson, the Liverpool goalkeeper, who was present on the night of the Olympics, said after his team’s second goal against Barcelona that he noticed the changes in Messi and Suarez’s features, and they differed, and they began to appear really anxious, which was a strong indication for him that the Barcelona team is still living in the night Olympico, which they emphasized a lot that they learned from, and that it will not be repeated.

“At the same time as the shot of Vinicius’ escape at the Etihad Stadium, crossing the whole half of the stadium, scoring a goal for Real Madrid against Manchester City, Osman Dembele stands at the penalty point waiting for Messi’s pass to pass to Alisson, then Messi will fall sighed.”

It was easy to see the reaction of the Barcelona captain, who won 3-0 and put a foot and a half in the Champions League final, after Dembele squandered his famous chance against Liverpool.

One of the journalists said about her that Messi’s reaction was not normal, and it is a clear indication of his lack of confidence in his teammates, and the clearest evidence is his animosity against Vidal before her in the same match.

And if you want to make sure of this fissure, watch Messi’s reaction between the halves of the Bayern match, which ended 8-2 with his head bowed in the dressing room, a year after the Liverpool match, and this is stronger evidence of his knowledge of the general situation and the team’s capabilities compared to the aspirations of the masses.

to have benzema
In many of the matches that Real Madrid played this season, it seemed a normal team, easy to manage, and could be beaten in separate periods of the match, until Benzema decided to appear and change everything.

On the day that Benzema missed Real Madrid in the Clasico match, the team turned into chaos, the defense does not connect to the middle, and the middle does not touch the attack, because Benzema is the one who does all this in the last third of the Real system.

In front of Paris, after Real Madrid was bidding farewell to the competition, Benzema appeared out of nowhere, in seizing the ball from Donnarumma, in positioning behind Marquinhos, and in one touch after Marquinhos’ mistake, and after Real Madrid was returning from where he came, he went in Aoun Benzema to a quarter The final in just 17 minutes.

In England, in two minutes, Benzema did the impossible with his head on the feet of others, and scored his second hat-trick in a row, and in return, one touch from Modric was enough to revive their hopes again, and Benzema again with his head sent them to the semi-finals.

The point of all this talk is that Real Madrid is often bad, but there are more factors than luck that help it, which is the logical question for the fans: “What will the team do in these circumstances?”

Unlike Barcelona, ​​​​Real Madrid, the team that receives many goals and is on the cusp of exit, but its players never fail to try until the last minute to prevent this from happening.

At Anfield, Gordi Alba sat in tears between the two halves of the meeting, in a half in which Barcelona was late with an orphan goal in favor of Liverpool, and with the treble’s priority in the Camp Nou, but Gordi Alba was afraid of defeat, although at the moment he was victorious.

At Anfield, Messi stood addressing his teammates, saying: “Roma was our mistake, don’t let it be repeated today.”

On Twitter, Luka Modric wrote: “Giving up is not an option.”

Here the essential differences between the two teams become clear at all times, the psychological and mental factor is important, very important in football, with it you win, and without it you are defeated, which is what distinguishes Real Madrid in recent European competitions if we compare it to Barcelona, ​​whose system collapses as soon as a goal is received in any forum.