The European champions will shine next season.
For the current period, for the current period, from the British newspaper “Mirror”.
Ronaldo moved to Mann in the summer of 2021 from Juventus for 12.85 million pounds, to succeed in scoring 23 goals for the championship team, although he suffers from poor results at all levels.
Season Karim Benzema, the top scorer in the Spanish League and the Champions League this season, starred, but Real believes that the presence of the “Don” will guarantee more goals.
Real Madrid will also give Ronaldo (37 years) the time he wants in the matches, while the arrival of the Dutch coach, Eric Ten Hag, expects the number of player minutes to decrease the opportunity for younger players, according to the source.
It is noteworthy that Ronaldo is the best scorer in the history of Real Madrid, 451 goalscorers during the period of representing the club from 2009 to 2018, watching, with the “Royal” he achieved 4 titles of the European Champions League, along with many other titles.
The Champions That after 19 years of continuous attendance in the Champions League, he will fail to qualify for the first time since his move to United Manchester in the 2003/04 season, which will push him outside the walls of Cristiano among the players most crowned in the historical competition of the Champions League and record holder Manchester United and Juventus The Italian Football League, which achieved the best scorer in the three major leagues, and this season was considered the worst in the history of Cristiano, he managed to score 24 goals with Manchester at the age of 37 and the materials used in our break can be used, using some media materials. Pure oxygen helps cells to regenerate as the body recovers.