Here are the cheapest and most beautiful 7 tourist countries in the world that we will visit together today througha our article on the platform of the Belapur website. Where we take you all on a new tourist tour to get to know 7 wonderful areas of beauty and are characterized by the low cost of their trip to suit a large group of citizens. We searched for you today for the cheapest and most expensive tourist countries in the world to facilitate your search for fun and comfort.

It is said that there are seven benefits to travel, but this is not enough in the event that the journey is expensive. Therefore, one of the most important advantages that everyone is looking for now is that his trip is inexpensive, enjoyable and useful at the same time.

South Korea Korea and its capital, Seoul, are considered one of the cheapest and most beautiful tourist countries in the world, and are distinguished by their combination of modern technology and history. You’ll find 14th-century palaces, imperial gardens, skyscrapers, and modern shopping malls. It won the bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics, despite all the charm, beauty and attractions of Seoul. However, it is considered a country where the cost of travel is cheap, and everyone can go to it and enjoy one of the most important centers of Asia.

South Africa South Africa, especially Cape Town, is one of the favorite cities for every travel lover, as it is full of picturesque nature and radiates life. Where South Africa has wonderful beaches, you will find everything that tempts you to travel to it. South Africa is also inexpensive and considered a tourist attraction within the reach of everyone, as it is one of the cheapest and most beautiful tourist countries in the world.

Malta The island of Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea, and it is one of the largest islands that make up the Maltese Archipelago. But it is one of the smallest countries in the world, Malta has a beautiful average weather. Malta is distinguished by its ancient buildings with castles, temples and forts, as well as beautiful beaches and wonderful hot springs. With all this beauty and charm, it is considered one of the cheapest tourist countries in the world.

Thailand Thailand and its capital, Bangkok, is considered one of the charming cities, as it includes many wonderful resorts and tourist villages, including expensive ones. But there are also resorts that guarantee you an enjoyable and inexpensive family tourism, and that suit your needs. Beautiful Thailand with amazing scenery is one of the most beautiful and cheapest tourist countries in the world.

Greece As long as you and your family are thinking about traveling, Greece should be on your list. It contains 2,000 islands, and is characterized by the beauty of nature and buildings, in addition to its healthy food, and beautiful, friendly people. It is common in Greece to rent bikes and they are cheap in the sense that you will do your hobby. And you see the most beautiful scenery and landmarks, and all this is in proportion to your budget, as Greece is one of the most beautiful and cheapest tourist countries in the world.

Sri Lanka If you want to combine wildlife, stunning scenery, relaxation and an atmosphere rich in culture and heritage. And all this with your family without paying a lot of money, you should definitely go to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka also boasts beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and crystal yellow sand. Which will make you practice most types of fun sports, such as skiing, surfing, snorkeling, boating and all the activities you prefer. In addition to seeing beautiful whales and dolphins, I would like to assure you that Sri Lanka is one of the cheapest and most beautiful tourist countries in the world.

Portugal What distinguishes Portugal most is that it receives you at any time and for any reason without any conditions, in addition to that it is not expensive. It has plenty of hotels and accommodations to suit your budget. Portugal also has an atmosphere of events, celebrations, music festivals, sports festivals, and film festivals. If you are a fan of history, Portugal has many museums and monuments. You and your family will really enjoy your visit to Portugal, as it is one of the most beautiful and cheapest tourist countries in the world.

Countries for cheap family tourism

Romania is one of the cheapest countries in the world and is a great choice for history lovers. It is also characterized by the fact that restaurants are inexpensive and accommodation costs are affordable for everyone, which will provide you with cheap family tourism.

India is a very special place with its distinctive smell and characterized by its multiple cultures, and in India you will be able to enjoy an inexpensive family trip and visit many historical areas as well.

The Dominican Republic where enjoying the Caribbean Sea, wonderful weather, stunning views, relaxation and meditation, all at a very affordable price. In addition to the Philippines and Vietnam, as well as Bulgaria, the three countries share that they are among the cheapest tourist countries in the world. It also provides a special and wonderful atmosphere for each country that will ensure that you and your family can enjoy every moment, and get relaxed.