there’s a little bird in Australia it’s called the Australian incubator or Megapode ,bird some people call it the mound builder. sometimes it’s called the brush turkey and there’s different species we’ll talk about one in particular but this little, bird about three and a half to four pounds the female has two jobs her first job is to check out the nest and see if it’s going to be okay the male builds.
the nest and then the female checks it ,out now you would say well big deal she’s gonna check out the nest well this nest is not like any other nest , some of these nests have been measured at 20 feet across and as much as 50 feet high and some of them dig down into the , dirt 3 to 6 feet so it’s like a cute that’s why they’re called the mound builders is like a huge mulch pile so ,she comes and she digs down in there and she comes out and says to mr. bird.
I’don’t like this one and so he says, ok hang on for a couple months I’ll build you another one ok so he builds her another one let’s say she likes this one now she goes to job number 2 .
and that is she lays eggs now she lays one egg every three days for seven months and it’s a little three-and-a-half to four pound bird and the eggs are almost a half pound, each they’re almost as big as an ostrich egg impossible impossible she’s dead I mean you can’t do that okay but she does now this one species the female makes a very thick shell on the eggs. and it has pores all birds eggs have pores that’s how they breathe but this one the pores are shaped like little ice cream cones and the tip of the ice cream, cone is in toward the inside of the show so as the chick begins to develop inside the shell he gets to a certain day and he can’t get enough. air he’s been I can’t get enough air and so he begins to shave off scrape off the inside layer of the shell and that makes the holes bigger he’s going up the ice cream, cone so now he can breathe and so he does that all the way along till he finally breaks out of the shell now the male bird takes care of the nests the female, once she lays the eggs she just goes off and now he takes care of the nest. now you would say well is that a big problem well yes because each species has some different qualifications for the nest. this one I’m going to talk about the male keeps the nest at 91 degrees Fahrenheit, for seven months and if it varies by much more than a degree on either side of 91 degrees Fahrenheit, the chicks died so daddy bird is out there every day he digs down into the nest and he checks the temperature and the scientists aren’t, even exactly sure how he does the temperature but he checks the temperature hole, it’s 92 degrees it’s too hot I got to do something so he runs back up. and sometimes he’ll throw sand on top to try and reflect more sunlight or he has various things ,he’ll do he also keeps that nest at about 99.5% humidity, if it gets down to about 80% the chicks dry out the eggs dry out he has to keep it at roughly 99% humidity so 91 degrees Fahrenheit 99 percent humidity, that impossible for a little three and a half pound 4 pound bird when the chick hatches out of its egg, it has all of its feathers as far as I know it’s the only bird that it’s ready to fly. but it can’t fly because it’s down deep in a big mulch pile now nobody feeds this little bird dad doesn’t feed the bird, mommy bird doesn’t feed the little baby they come out of the egg and then they somehow no I got to get out of here so they turn over on their back and they begin, to scrape the sticks and leaves on top of them and it’ll drop down on their chest and they shake, it off their chest pack it down with their little wings dig some more falls down shake it off pack it down it takes up to three days. for them to dig out of the nest and nobody told him to do that, nobody told him to go which way, which way do I go but how do they know. that you see what evolution can’t explain those kinds of things. alright so here it comes he’s out of the nest nobody shows it, what to eat he goes off he knows what to eat he knows how to catch it and find it and then the next year, the male bird is gonna build a nest but daddy bird didn’t show him how he starts building, a mound all by himself nobody showed him how to do it it’s a miracle. it’s just a miracle and so you look at even something like a little Australian, incubator bird and you say how could that evolve, if the if if this story of evolution is how could that happen, I say only God can do that.