The era of smart phones is fading .. What is the next technological system?
The newspaper “The Economist” reported that the era of smart phones is on the way to fading, based on the evidence I collected, as the phone sales sector has witnessed a continuous decline, since 2016, due to the slowdown in technical improvement, wondering about the post-phone era.

The newspaper asked about the next technological path that Silicon Valley experts would take in their ongoing search for post-smartphone technology.

Technology innovators and investors are searching for the next big path, in the hope of winning the ability to control the platform, or system in which everything happens, the newspaper reported.

She pointed out that the current big idea is VR headsets, driven in part by pandemic lockdowns, but the most promising, but also far more remote at the same time, are AR test glasses, where computer graphics are superimposed on the real world.

The newspaper added that most of the major technology companies in America – including “Apple”, “Google”, “Meta” and “Microsoft”, in addition to giant Asian companies, such as “Byty Dance”, “Tik Tok” and “Sony” , develops or sells virtual reality or augmented reality headsets.

The Economist article explained that smart homes were seen as another potentially huge platform, but Alexa and its peers mostly act as music boxes and timers.

The article touched on in-car technology, which is a platform that has proven useful and valuable, but hardly threatens to become the center of anyone’s digital life.

The Economist said virtual reality and augmented reality glasses, which are getting lighter and cheaper, may form the strongest part of the wearable collection.

She went on to say that the huge augmented reality headsets used in the industry only so far, are still expensive at a similar point, but when technical tipping points are crossed, things can change.