Poverty and bankruptcy rule the siege on celebrities who made huge fortunes during their careers and later lost them as a result of several problems, including addiction.

Life has its own rulings and changing circumstances, playing with people’s conditions to fluctuate between extremes, from the best conditions of health to the most severe types of illness, and from the height of despair to the top of happiness, and from wealth and wealth, to extreme poverty.

The dark side of stardom.. Learn about the mental illnesses of world celebrities
In the following lines, we get to know famous people who made a lot of money during their careers, but the situation led them to poverty and bankruptcy in the last days of their lives:

1- Director Francis Ford Coppola

The director of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now may have paid the price for his passion for directing films, as he was bankrupt 3 times in 9 years, the last of which was a $71 million loan from one of his partners.

One of the main reasons for his bankruptcy was financing his films with huge amounts of his own money, with very little revenue.

2- Marvin Gaye

Although the American singer and producer Marvin Gaye had a fortune estimated at 5 million dollars in the early stages of his life, his divorce from his wife and the alimony that he accumulated caused him to declare bankruptcy, and at the time he only owned the rights to the album Here, My Dear to give to his wife.

Due to financial problems and drug addiction, Marvin was forced to flee to Europe due to his inability to pay taxes.

3- Michael Jackson

The King of Pop has sold 7.5 million copies of his albums, and won 13 Grammy Awards, yet Michael Jackson died in 2009, mired in debt.

This is due to a lawsuit against him in 2005 in which he was accused of child abuse, to be fined huge sums that put him on the verge of declaring bankruptcy and inundated him with a debt of $500 million.

4- Judy Garland

Garland starred in several plays and musicals, and was also known for her role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and achieved great success as an actress for 40 years, but her addiction to alcohol and drugs, her marriage 5 times and divorce expenses from 4 men put her in countless financial problems and landed her in large debts that paid the IRS. To confiscate her money and even her home.

At her death in 1969, she owed $4 million unrefundable.

5- Hedy Lamarr
Despite the brilliance of her star in the world of cinema during the thirties, forties and fifties of the last century, and her obtaining the title of the most beautiful girl in Europe, and obtaining large sums of money from her films, but her family members inherited from her after her death in 2000 nothing but memories.

This is due to her marriage 6 times, as the expenses of the frequent divorce reduced her wealth until it faded with time.